The Most Popular Names For Cats – 2016!

Naming your cat is usually one of the very first things you do after adopting them. There are some people who prefer short and sweet names while others like to bestow long, regal titles which usually get shortened to something more manageable. In fact, whichever name you end up choosing …

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Life Changing Surgery Greatly Helps Paralyzed Cat Walk Again

CALIFORNIA – Gray now has got his legs back! The California cat is walking again after a rare spinal cord infection had left him paralyzed from the waist down. The rapid recovery happened all thanks going to the sheer determination of his owner and the veterinary care he received at …

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The 7 Ways To Take Great Care Of A Senior Cat At Home!

Starting around the age of ten years old, all cats begin to show signs of old age – whether it be his sight weakening, his sense of smell not being so sharp anymore or his hearing deteriorating. At this certain age, cats tend to sleep much more, search for heat …

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Kitten Found Cooped Up and Cuddling Up to Chickens!

MINNESOTA – Winter gives many of us cabin fever, but not Carmel the kitten. This wee one of a cat is using the colder months to make a few new and unusual friends. According to Echo Press, Carmel first appeared in Micah and Allyson Radach’s Alexandria, Minnesota, backyard, literally cowering …

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Meet Gumphrey – Michigan’s Horseback Riding Cat!

MICHIGAN – No one should ever try to tell Gumphrey to get off his high horse because it’s quite literally the cutest place he hangs out. The lovable senior cat is definitely the most unusual equestrian at the Fieldstone Farm in Holland, Michigan, and we’re purr-tty sure he’s okay with …

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