Hot Pilots and Adorable Kittens Star in Charity Calendar!

UNITED KINGDOM – Some of the Royal Navy’s most elite pilots have recently teamed up with some of the nation’s cutest kittens to make a charity calendar. Following the very disappointing news that the Ministry of Defence has banned Royal Marines from stripping off for a different charity calendar, these …

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11 Things We Should Absolutely Never Do To Our Cats!

We would all like to think that we are the perfect pet parent, doing everything we can to make the little guys and gals happy. That being said, cats can be tricky creatures, becoming sly, or shy when it comes to letting you know how they really feel. In addition, …

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Cat Alerts Tennessee Man to Raging Gatlinburg Fires!

TENNESSEE – A Tennessee man who owns a store located in Gatlinburg is so naturally laid back that the first word that wildfires were near the community didn’t even unnerve him. Mark Burger, who is 60, figured his cell phone would get an evacuation alert if the situation became dangerous, …

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