Cats Are Great For Our Mental and Emotional Health


We seem to know this automatically, but a survey has confirmed that the companionship of cats is beneficial for our mental health and sense of well-being. Just last month, Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, reminded people of the positive impact cats have on mental well-being. World Mental …

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New Cat Rescue App For Your Phone

SocialCatwork is a small group of individuals with worldwide aspirations who are doing wonderful things for feral cats and have some great ideas. Their goal is to improve the cat rescue system. The mission: Fewer homeless cats and more comfortable homes with happy purring companions for caring owners. Karina told …

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The Cast of Undateable Cuddles With Kittens

How sweet is this?! This past Thursday, October 29, rideshare service Uber delivered kittens on-demand through their ‪UberKittens‬ promotion, and the guys of the show Undateable suddenly had new roles … as cat daddies! While on their break from rehearsing Friday’s show, Rick Glassman, Chris D’Elia, and David Flynn got …

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Our Cats Are Trying To Kill Us, Researchers Say

While we cat people love them for their immaculate fluffy coats and unique personalities, new research suggests that cats have a much darker side.. A study carried out between the University of Edinburgh and Bronx Zoo compared our beloved domestic cat with its wilder relatives and the results were amazing. …

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A Street Cat Named Bob To Appear On The Big Screen


He my remind you of Morris without the attitude. Already the hero of a book, he’s about to have a movie made based on his life story. The film is going to be called A Street Cat Named Bob. Production began in London just this past October, according to Screen …

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Cat-Hater Who Has Surrounded Herself With Cats

They used to sit next to Burmese royalty and guard the entrance to temples and pagodas. But in modern-day Myanmar, as Burma is now known, the country’s most historically famous animal is almost non-existent. The beautiful, glossily smooth Burmese cat, which comes in shades of blue-grey, chocolate and champagne, and …

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Coming Home After 14 years, Just To Say Goodbye

RIP Ralph: Cat reunited with family after more than a decade. Just a week ago, Ralph, the cat in the photos, was re-united having been separated from his humans for 14 long whole years. And now, he is dead. Ralph turned up as a stray and was reunited with his …

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