Great News About Marmalade and What a Fighter He Is!

Everyone LOVES Cole and Marmalade! Just two years ago, Marmalade needed to have surgery to remove a mass inside his intestines which turned out to be cancerous. However, this world renown cat totally won the battle! Marmalade has been 2 cancer free for two whole years! Chris, the feline duos …

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Calypso the Bengal Cat Loves to Cruise On Her Paddleboard!

AUSTRALIA – While most cats despise getting even their paws wet, Calypso the Bengal absolutely loves the water so much she ‘surfs’ and swims in it. The seven-year-old cat has always loved the water which owner Monique Macleod, who is 27 and from Robina stated is typical of the Bengal …

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Why Our Cats Love Catnip, According to Science!

Most cats are crazy about catnip. And they seem to show it in strange ways — rubbing against everything, rolling around on the floor, pawing random objects, in short – generally acting weird. So what’s up with that? The above video, from the YouTube channel Today I Found Out, provides …

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