This Permanently Surprised Cat Wasn’t Supposed To Survive, Now He’s 4 Years Old

Kevin is a Russian blue recently found in a car park in a critical condition. The kitty was rushed to the vet, where the doctors saw that he was seriously ill and thought he wouldn’t survive. Tailah, the guy that takes care of Kevin now, says that the unfortunate kitty had no control over his actions when he was brought to the vet. “He would peck his food so hard that he’d just nail his head on the floor,” he explains.

Kevin is suffering from hydrocephalus, a condition which occurs due to excess fluids in the brain. The cat survived against all odds, but doctors were pretty sure that he would get seizures from that point on. However, 4 years later the cat is in perfect conditions. He doesn’t suffer from seizures, and he’s living a happy life with his human.

Tailah says that he had a gut feeling Kevin is going to survive. He was instantly attached to him, and the cat never left his side. Now, Kevin is celebrating his 4th birthday, and he’s certainly happy to have Tailah by his side.

He was found in a car park in a critical situation when he was only 4 weeks old.

He was found in a car park in a critical situation when he was only 4 weeks old.

He was unlike other kittens and was going through a serious medical condition and therefore, was taken to the vets clinic.

“His outlook when he first arrived at the clinic was not good at all,” Tailah, his owner told.

“He would peck at the food so hard that he would literally bang his head on the floor.”

“I was worried that his sight was much worse than we initially thought but he continued to improve!”

“The biggest concern was that it would cause Kevin to seizure.”

“But 4 years later and he’s never had one.”

“He is strictly an indoor cat.”

“Though he has an enclosed balcony with a castle and toys and he also has access to our side courtyard.”

“He is so playful!”

“He does laps of the house at 2am in the morning like any other cat and is so affectionate!”

“I always had a gut feeling that he was going to be a miracle kitten.”

“…but I didn’t know whether that was because I got attached within 5 seconds of meeting him…”

“…and knew I wouldn’t be able to let him go!”

Happy 4th birthday, Kev!

“Kevin has hydrocephalus, a condition involving fluid on the brain,” Taliah informed.


Artist Hand-Sculpts People’s Cats To Immortalize Their Friendship

Elise is an artist who makes miniature cat statues that she sells online in high demand. The statues are very lifelike, and inspired by the endless love Elise has for her cat.

“My first sculpture was finished on my cat’s 8th birthday, 25 September, 2015,” Elise says. The statues take about 30 days to get completed, and due to the incredible demand, Elise is currently not taking new orders until she’s completed everything on her schedule. If you, however, want to immortalize your love for cats, it’s better to order it in advance. You can find Elise on Facebook and Instagram – just search for D’Cat Statue.

According to the artist, the statues are not just a perfect reproduction of the cats. She also tries to catch the free spirit of cats with her work, and if you ask us, she’s succeeded. Check out the breathtaking statues below:


Couple’s Birthing Photoshoot Goes Viral, And People Don’t Know What To Think

Lucy Schulz and her partner Steven are cat lovers that wanted to celebrate their new kitten arrival with a photoshoot, but do it in an innovative way. They picked a crazy idea – birthing photoshoot! The photoshop included everything that happens during childbirth – the giving birth, breastfeeding and other stuff, with the kitty being the newborn. It was a crazy and innovative idea, so the album surely received different opinions.

Lucy has been fostering kittens for quite a long while and is a volunteer at the local shelter. She never had a kitty as a little girl, and once she and her partner settled in their new home, they adopted a 5-month old kitty from the SoulDog Rescue in Colorado.

“On this day, we welcome a neutered male DLH. He’s 22` long and weight 6 pounds 7 oz. He’s eating solid food. We’re not sure about the name yet, but we love him,” Lucy wrote on the post. Check out the crazy pictures below:


10+ Hilarious Comics That Reveal The Reality Of Having A Cat

Bangles Ong is an artist who shared daily cat comics which show how it really is to live with a cat. Surprisingly, Ong understand the cat life without owning one himself.

“Most of my comics are about cats, and as I don’t have one living with me, I think cats abduct me overnight and plant the ideas in my head,” Ong says with a laugh. He lives in a cat-loving area, however, so there are plenty of strays who inspire him.

Check out Ong’s Facebook page (@seebangnow) and enjoy his cute comics.

















Kitten Sneaks In Through Open Window, Decides To Adopt The Man Who Lives There

Recently, Imgur user Nigeltown shared an image of an unusual guest sitting in his favorite chair as he got home from work. He didn’t expect anyone back home, so you can imagine his surprise when he saw a cat chilling in his chair. The cat was feeling completely at home, and she didn’t mind him at all.

“I came home from work, and there was a fluffy little thing in my chair which probably got through an open window. I’ve never owned a cat,” he wrote. The cat started meowing, so Nigeltown decided to give it some food. And he got it right, as the kittie went straight for the bowl of meat.

His new houseguest was probably a stray as he didn’t have a collar on his neck. No one in his neighborhood reported a missing cat, and no one saw a kitten litter anywhere around. However, the kitten was not happy when Nigeltown got out to search for his owner.

The next day, Nigeltown got the cat to a vet, and no chip was found beneath his skin. He was full of parasites and fleas, though, so he was put on an appropriate therapy.

Once the cat was free of parasites, he and his new human really hit it off. He says that the cat is running around like crazy, and when it’s not, he’s sitting on his human’s head – here’s proof of it:

Before attaching himself to the funny cat, Nigeltown swept his neighborhood for owners once more, but no one was missing a cat.

No one recognized the kitten, so Nigeltown adopted it. He named it Buddy, and claims that the cat is the one who adopted him, not the other way around.


Woman Spends Thousands Of Dollars To Save A Homeless Cat!

As you probably know, life can change in an instant without any notice. A woman named Melissa was casually going through her day at work until she met a cat that would change her life forever.

Melissa is working in a pet store, and one day, she was surprised to see a cat coming to the store obviously hungry. Of course, she gave the cat some food without thinking twice.

After that day, the cat started visiting the pet store regularly, and got all the food she needed. However, she went missing for 5 straight days, and Melissa was worried.

She was constantly thinking about the cat and where it might have gone.

The cat returned a few days later, but sadly, she was not the same. It was obviously in need to immediate medical attention with a huge abscess on her face. Melissa immediately called a vet, who managed to get the cat and take it back to his station.

The cat was scared of everyone in the beginning, and we can’t blame it. Shocked and in pain, it was protecting itself. However, the vet was very gentle and helped the cat relax, then fed it and went to examine the damage done by the abscess.

Luckily, the cat was able to recover after 45 days at the vet station, and was fully healthy when discharged. Melissa spend thousands of dollars to save him, and says that she doesn’t regret it. She saved the cat’s life so he could spend the rest of the days healthy and happy.