10+ Photos Proving That Cats Can Be Jerks Sometimes!

But of course, even when they do act like little, furry jerks – we love them anyway!

#1 They play victim all the time

#2 They have nasty attitude

#3 They deny their crimes without even blinking

#4 They always wanna be on top

#5 They must be the only one

#6 They prefer luxury

#7 They want you to notice their anger

#8 They have that mean look

#9 They own everything

#10 They only play by their rules

#11 They don’t care if you bought that expensive thing for them

#12 They make weird choices

#13 They wanna ruin everything

#14 They sit on your books

#15 … and your puzzles

#16 They love to shock you

#17 They are suspicious sometimes

#18 They’re privacy invaders

If Your Dog Or Cat Overweight? Well, Here’s What To Do!

In the U.S. and Europe, there are statistically about as many obese pets as obese humans. As obesity is an extremely serious condition which can cause many other health problems, you should keep an eye on Fido if he starts getting a bit plump!

Veterinarians are also seeing more and more pets whose weight has more to do with an unhealthy diet than how fluffy they are. According to a survey conducted back in 2014 by the UK pet food organization PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association), 45% of dogs and 40% of cats can actually be classed as ‘obese’.

What exactly is Obesity?

The World Health Organization defines overweight and obesity as “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation which presents a risk to health”. There could be many different reasons for why a person or animal can become overweight, not all of them to do with diet.

For example, genetics may affect weight (some breeds of cats and dogs are more likely to be overweight than others), as well as hormonal changes. While these could only be controlled to a degree, it’s no secret that many families like to spoil their furry friends with frequent treats. Although you might be thinking that snacks are completely harmless, as we know well, too much of a good thing can be damaging.

If your pet is indeed overweight, they are more at risk of illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, joint problems and liver disease.

Obesity in a dog

Dogs are oftentimes described as being able to eat anything, as well as being expert beggars. One flash of puppy-dog eyes at dinner time may lead to endless scraps of just about anything being passed to a canine companion. However, this is too often how dogs become overweight – too many treats and not enough exercise.

The likelihood of obesity increases with your pet’s age, with 70% of overweight dogs being over nine years old. Female dogs are actually more at risk than males, however, both sexes face an increased risk after being spayed and neutered.

Obesity in a cat

Cats are more vulnerable to gaining weight as they mature, in particular between 5 and 11 years old, as they get older and stop being able to exercise as much. Again, because of the hormonal changes taking place after being sterilized, cats are also more likely to gain weight after being desexed, however, indoor cats are also more at risk since they can’t exercise as much as outdoor cats.

What should be done about it?

If you are not certain whether your pet is just a bit plump or unhealthily overweight, you should consult a veterinarian.

In a perfect world, animals should have a body fat content of around 20%. Being able to feel the chest, the hips, the spine and the shoulder blades of your pet without pressing on them too much to do so may very well give you some indication of whether they are too overweight, but this can vary from breed to breed.

It also should go without saying that the risk of weight gain is far less than the risks associated with not spaying or neutering your pet. As long as you give your four-legged friend a very healthy lifestyle, they will not be in danger of becoming obese.

Weight problems do require attention and a regime of treatment. As soon as you begin to spot signs of unhealthy weight gain, take your pet to a veterinarian to get an idea of what you need to do to help them. Really the only way to deal with weight gain is a change in diet and exercise, so your vet will be able to help pinpoint any problems in your pet’s lifestyle and suggest the best way possible to get them back to a healthy weight.

The most important rules for a truly successful diet are:

  • Weigh out each and every meal carefully on a kitchen scale so you know that your pet is getting the nutrition they need without having too much
  • Record exactly what your pet is eating every day
  • Keep the meals to a strict schedule. Depending on species and breed, your pet may be having 2 to 4 set meals a day
  • This is not the time at all to spoil your furry friend! Stop giving them treats and extra food, for now.

Keeping up all the good work

Once your pet begins to lose weight, you must stick to the new regime to avoid the well-known ‘yo-yo effect’ – losing weight, congratulating yourself and then going right on back to the habits that caused the bad weight gain in the first place. The more you make sure that the new rules are being respected, the less likely it is that your pet will have weight problems again.

Be sure that the diet isn’t too strict – being underweight has its own risks and health issues. The ultimate goal is to return to a normal diet step by step, to keep your cat or dog happy and healthy.

You should also always discuss the best way to do this with your veterinarian.


IKEA Just Launched A Pet Furniture Collection, And Animal Lovers Want It All

IKEA is renown known for stocking everything you could possibly need to make a house a home (plus plenty of things that you simply don’t need, yet somehow still end up buying anyway). One thing they’ve always lacked, however. is a great collection of furniture specifically designed for pets, however, IKEA now aims to change all of that with its new range called Lurvig.

You might me wondering what a lurvig is, right? Well, it’s actually the Swedish word for “hairy” (obviously) and the range includes just about everything from dog beds and couch covers to cat tunnels and scratching posts.

This particular collection is currently being rolled out in stores all across the US, Canada, France and Japan, with other stores scheduled to stock the paw-sitively paw-some range from March 2018.


The Newest Member of The Canine Airport Therapy Squad at DIA Is a Cat

it seems as though Denver airport’s CATS program has a brand new member. Xeli is the very first cat to join the Canine Airport Therapy Squad -or CATS.

The team, essentially made up of dogs, now has a cat!

The stress-reducing therapy kitty was at the airport Friday happily greeting travelers.

Xeli, who is a domestic short hair, weighs approximately 12 pounds and she loves meeting new people.

She’s also an officially registered therapy cat.

Her very first official day on the job is set for October 13.

We here at The Best Cat Page wish Xeli the very best!


Cat Walks Into A Bar One Night – Sounds Like A Joke – But It’s Not!

KENTUCKY – It’s an ancient story: first they start sneaking out, then wandering the neighborhood and staying out all night, until one day, a cat strolls in to a bar.

Before you know it, his new friends are literally lining up to buy him drinks. That’s just a typical Monday night for Cairo, the bar-hopping ginger cat known as the Mayor of Kenwick.

“The world’s most interesting cat,” stated Theo Scripps, Cairo’s ostensible owner. “It’s kind of embarrassing, my cat’s a lot more popular than I am.”

Cairo, who is about 7-years-old, has his very own Facebook page, Cairo the Magnificent, and neighbors in Kenwick regularly post their encounters with the extremely friendly ginger cat.

There’s Cairo making himself at home right on a stranger’s porch or couch or even a bed (he’s been known to spend the night) … or wandering into an office … or managing to swing by the Ashland Elementary playground. He’s been sighted at least as far away as Woodland Park to the south and the JIF plant which is across Winchester Road to the north.

However, earlier this week things hit a new high when Cairo discovered a brand new kind of nightlife.

Scripps, who lives on Aurora with his wife, Dawna, his 15-year-old daughter, and Cairo and their two dogs, went on to explain that on Monday he was walking the dogs on his usual route. He likes to swing by Mirror Twin on National Avenue and get a beer then continue to go around the neighborhood.

“I usually check to see if Cairo is following us, but I didn’t notice him until we got to the brewery,” Scripps stated. When Scripps came out, Cairo was gone, so he believed the cat headed home.

Instead, Cairo went next door to Cosmic Charlie’s and climbed right up on a bar-stool.

People in the bar indeed recognized him:

“Have a friendly cat that strolled into Cosmic Charlie’s,” mentioned Michael Easter on the Kenwick Neighborhood Association Facebook page. “Think it’s Cairo. He’s found a stool and content.”

He also posted a photo of Cairo bathing himself.

Tuesday night, Cairo was back at the bar, on his stool, after stopping by Mirror Twin to say hello to the brewers.

“We had this cat come into the brewery and he/she is super friendly,” Mirror Twin’s Derek De Franco posted with a photo of assistant brewer Doug Price who was holding Cairo.

“I think you have Cairo, the Mayor of Kenwick,” someone said.

Scripps kinda knew something was up: He suddenly had loads of new followers on Cairo’s page. Then he spotted the pictures.

“Every time I see that one of him at the bar, I can’t stop laughing,” he stated.

Scripps offered to settle up Cairo’s tab at Cosmic Charlie’s, if it was necessary. That seems unlikely, given that all the people on Facebook were offering to buy him drinks.

Now that Cairo’s had a taste of pub-crawling, apparently he enjoys it.

Dawna Scripps posted an “APB” for Cairo on Facebook last Wednesday night:

“Anyone know where he is now? It’s bedtime …”

A neighbor replied: “Check the bars.”

What a cat!


Sweet Kitten Absolutely Refuses To Budge From His Sister’s Side When She Gets Sick

TEXAS – People might disappoint us, but kittens will always be good.

Just take a look at the tiny, pure, innocent faces of Martin and Purrla.They are two extremely cute kittens who were born at Friendswood Animal Control in Texas after their mother was taken in as a stray, having gotten in a terrible fight when she was pregnant and ended up with a broken leg and a severe infection. Sadly, shortly after all of her kittens were born, Martin and Purrla’s mother passed away.

Her leg was just too infected for her to survive. In the loss of their mother, siblings Martin and Purrla, bonded. They actually comforted each other, snuggled up together, and refused to be apart, staying by each other’s side no matter what. When little Purrla became ill, Martin refused to leave her side.

Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the shelter where the kittens are currently residing had some issues with their central heating. It became chilly, and Purrla developed a cold.

She wasn’t up a all for moving, playing, or doing much else that kittens like to do for fun.

However, Martin didn’t ditch her for a second, cozying up right next to his sister all day and night, refusing to move even for food.

‘Upon reflection, I now think Martin knew exactly what was wrong with Purrla,’ Troy, a volunteer at the shelter, said to The Dodo.

‘That she was too cold. Every day he sat there on top of her. No biting, no wrestling, no ear twisting. He wouldn’t even get up to eat.

‘We had to spoon-feed him because he wouldn’t get up for water.
Only to use the facilities, then it was back to the watch post.

‘When we went to inspect her after we noticed she was blinking and meowing again (before she only slept and ate) he hissed at us. Didn’t take a swipe, just a hiss, and everyone was surprised.’

What a protective brother, indeed.

Luckily, after two days Purrla actually made a full recovery, and she and Martin were able to get back to playing and cuddling like regular kittens again.

Once she was entirely better, the kittens were sent to their forever home – together, of course.