Oregon Zoo’s New Baby Caracal Kittens


Folks looking to up their cuteness quota over the weekend can head to the Oregon Zoo for a look at these fast-growing caracal kittens. Over the course of the next few days, these curious little furballs will be released from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. into their outdoor habitat in …

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What Your Senior Cat Might Be Thinking

Do you have any idea what your senior cat might be thinking? You’d be surprised to know the answer or how something he ate affected his digestion… A cute video cues shed light on what our senior cats might be thinking and gives us some gentle reminders about what they …

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The Story of Abbas, a Miracle Kitten From South Carolina

The story of Abbas, a miracle kitten who survived the floods of South Carolina. Meet Abbas, a kitten rescued from an underfunded, rural shelter in South Carolina following recent historic flooding. The situation remains dire for animals in areas of South Carolina, where dogs and cats are now crowding into …

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Rolling Behavior in Cats Explained

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Rolls on Its Back. Most cat lovers believe that a cat rolling on its back is the cat’s way of giving us humans an invitation to pet its belly. This not be true. A cat rolling onto its back is actually just greeting …

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Maryland company will clone your kitten for $25,000


Germantown synthetic biology company Intrexon Corp. has had a hand in everything from cancer immunotherapy to biological pest control. Now, it’s ventured into the world of cloning kittens. That’s right. Intrexon (NYSE: XON) acquired a company last year called ViaGen LC that recently announced it successfully delivered two litters of …

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