Rescue Stories

Ginger Kitten Adopts Baby Chicks!

True love, tolerance and acceptance come in many shapes and sizes. In this adorable video clip, a cute ginger kitten has decided to take in these newborn baby chicks. Watch the kitty as he treats them like they were always part of his very own family. What a sweetheart! Video …

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Life Changing Surgery Greatly Helps Paralyzed Cat Walk Again

CALIFORNIA – Gray now has got his legs back! The California cat is walking again after a rare spinal cord infection had left him paralyzed from the waist down. The rapid recovery happened all thanks going to the sheer determination of his owner and the veterinary care he received at …

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Man Hears Frantic Meows – and Soon Discovers ….

We have all been there at one point or another, you hear a noise and you know it’s an animal, but you’re not quite sure if they’re hurt or crying. When you hear an animal crying, either in your backyard or on the side of some road, you always want …

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The 7 Ways To Take Great Care Of A Senior Cat At Home!

Starting around the age of ten years old, all cats begin to show signs of old age – whether it be his sight weakening, his sense of smell not being so sharp anymore or his hearing deteriorating. At this certain age, cats tend to sleep much more, search for heat …

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