Rescue Stories

Sightless Cat and His Seeing-eye Brother

A rescue cat found at the airport lost his eyes, but then a miracle happened. He found a seeing-eye cat companion who became his best friend for life. Meet Pinocchio. He was discovered at an airport in 2012 and brought to the shelter. He lost his eyes due to various …

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Two Kittens Saved from Drowning in Oil Spill

Two tiny kittens were rescued from drowning in an oil spill by a kind young man. Anatoly Tuptey, a resident who was working on fighting the spread of the oil, said that heard faint cries of the kittens near a country house that was affected by the pollution. “My soul …

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Kitten Just Hours Old Found On Side Of The Road

Meet Pixie! She was only a few hours old when a kind young woman found her lying on the side of the road. But as we already know, love can work miracles. Danane Georganta shares her story: “She is a stray kitten who I found when she was only a …

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Woman Rescues Kitten While Others Decided to Give Up

This wee one was born with water on the brain and twisted legs, but he has a huge heart and an incredible will to persevere! A woman saved him from across the country when the shelter had just about given up on him. Zeke the tuxedo kitten was only 13 …

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New Cat Rescue App For Your Phone

SocialCatwork is a small group of individuals with worldwide aspirations who are doing wonderful things for feral cats and have some great ideas. Their goal is to improve the cat rescue system. The mission: Fewer homeless cats and more comfortable homes with happy purring companions for caring owners. Karina told …

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Groomer Raises a 2-day-old Kitten Like Her Own

A newborn kitten who never got to nurse from his own mama and experience her love until a kind woman came came around and gave him the love a mother would. Opie was only 2 days old. Aleigha Jade Kelley shared the story with the people from Love Meow: “I …

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