Rescue Stories

Cat Recovering Having Lost Leg In Copper Snare Trap

A cat had to have one of its legs removed after being caught in an illegal copper snare on the playing fields of a school. Stripey the cat was taken to vets after being discovered by his owners at New Cumnock Primary School in East Ayrshire. They found the four-year-old …

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Blind Dog Becomes Surrogate Mother To Kittens

Three tiny orphaned kittens found an unusual mother, a dog who is blind. However, that didn’t stop her from loving her feline babies as if they were her own. The kittens were so young their eyes weren’t even opened yet. When the family brought the rescue kittens home, they were …

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Kittens Dumped In a New Zealand Compactor

NAPIER, NEW ZEALAND – A man who lives in Napier is not looking to be hailed as a hero for a good deed he did — rescuing two abandoned kittens before they were processed with the cardboard boxes. They would have simply … been crushed. Matt Gittings, a waste management …

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Rescue Dog Becomes Big Sister to Orphaned Kitten

When Fitz the orphaned kitten arrived to his foster home, he was greeted by Puck the dog who was also a rescue herself. She took to the little ball of fluff as one would a long lost family member. Meet Fitz the kitten. He was just 2 weeks old when …

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Stray Kitten in Flowerbed Meowing For Help

He was merely 3 weeks and 3 days old when spotted in a garden, screaming for someone to help him. His rescuers heard cries in a garden and followed them till they saw a tiny ginger kitten screaming in a flowerbed for help and covered in flies. His eyes were …

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She Was Trapped Under the Streets for 12 Hours

It took a neighborhood an entire day and evening to get this tiny gray kitten from under the city streets to the safety and comfort of a new home. A few good samaritans heard a kitten’s meowing while they were walking in to work in the morning. They immediately looked …

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