Rescue Stories

Cat and Squirrel Engage in Adorable Staring Contest!

Here’s yet another reason to always choose the window seat. A cat who hails from Rumford, Maine, had an unobstructed view of his furry arch nemesis, the squirrel and only a sheet of glass separated them from sparring. The cat is seen pawing at a window as a squirrel watches …

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Rescuing Elsa – The Frozen Kitten

Right in the middle of a freezing February, a teacher spotted something odd outside of his home. It turned out to be the limp body of an orange tabby cat. The poor baby was frozen solid, but suddenly he noticed that one of her little paws began to move. This …

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Little Boy Deals With a Serious Cat ‘Situation’!

A young boy whose name is Ryder, who lives in Iowa, USA, tries very hard to keep five little kittens on a blanket near to where his parents are sitting. As you can imagine, he quickly loses control of the ‘situation’, however, is very good at retrieving the kittens. However, …

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Cat Rescued From Cold Brings A Surprise For Kind Her Saviors!

This beauty is Belle the cat who became a stray after her owners relocated for an unknown reason! “She was a companion until her human moved and sadly left without her,” LAPS Foster Kittens stated. “Being a trusting and affectionate girl from the day we brought her home, we believe …

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Brave, Kindhearted Boy Rescues Cat From Highway!

MICHIGAN – Rocko is no longer the only man of the house because now – there’s a new cat in town named Lucky. “I thought of the name lucky because it is lucky to not be hit by a car on the highway,” 14-year-old Gavin Orlowski explained. Gavin’s mom, whose …

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Brave Cat Saves Entire Family from Fire By Biting Mom on the Arm!

CANADA – A brave and intelligent family cat saved its owners from an early morning blaze this past Thursday after their mobile home caught fire. At approximately 3:30 am, firefighters were summoned to Clairmont where a mobile home’s underside was on fire. The parents and two children were sound asleep …

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