How to Know When Your Cat Is Sick!

It can actually be quite difficult to know when your furbaby is ill because cats are masters of hiding if they are sick. However, there are a few very important things that you can pay attention to that will surely give you a heads up early. One example of things …

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Adorable Video of Maru Enjoying a Day in the Snow!

Maru always seems to be on some kind of adventure, doesn’t he?! We all know how much he loves boxes but just wait until you see how much he enjoys playing in the snow! In the clip here, Maru even attempts to do a bit of sledding! How cute! Video …

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Little Shelter Kitten Chooses His Human At Shelter!

This poor wee one sat inside a cage at a local shelter, just waiting for his true human love. And when his human finally arrived, he just meowed and meowed until his new favorite human finally got the hint. He was named Tiger and it sure was the perfect new …

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Nothing Gets Past This Furry Goalie!

Cats are very well known for their reflexes. The particular cat in the clip below, though, seems to take it to a whole new level! The extremely frisky feline doesn’t let a single plastic disc get near its door, going so far as to bat a disc away that’s already …

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Kitty Meets Robot Dinosaur For The Very First Time!

When Maya the cat first caught sight of this robot dinosaur, she simply couldn’t help but try and figure it out. The moment she first tried to approach the unique object she was completely spooked – but after further inspection, she quickly learned that this dinosaur could actually be a …

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The 10 Ways Our Cats Are Good For Us!

Nothing in the world beats the feeling of having a cat at your side because as we all already know – cats are simply the best! In the cute clip below, Cole and Marmalade, along with their human, Chris, explain just why having a cat is good for our overall …

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