Hilarious Kitty Freaks Out in Sunlight!

This adorable wee one will most definitely make you smile today. Just watch as this tiny fighter tries his very best to fight the sun rays. Although it appeared as though there was nothing in front of him, Ocean the cat completely freaked out and began swatted the air. How …

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Maru Using a Swing for the Very First Time!

Maru’s human bought a new toy for him to play with and Maru seems very interested in it. Of course, he didn’t originally realize that when you touch a swing it will move. His first tries don’t go so well. Chaos ensues as he goes on to try various methods …

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Cat’s Hilarious Reaction to His Human’s Smelly Toes!

After just a single whiff of his human’s smelly foot, this cat’s face speaks volumes! It was a black day for the cat as its nine life has past in this bizarre accident..a wild foot appeared out of nowhere and caught the cat unprepared..the cat natural instinct put the cat …

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