Adorable Kitten Meets Bulldog For The First Time!

These two unlikely fur-babies met for the first time and the level of cuteness is just too much to handle! In the video just below which was uploaded by katievun, you’ll see a curious bulldog trying his best to befriend a tiny kitten. Those tiny head bonks the kitten gives …

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Ragdoll Kitten Completely Loses His Mind on Ottoman!

In the clip below you’ll see an adorable Ragdoll kitten going crazy chasing an imaginary playmate on a leather ottoman. You can see that he’s clearly having tons of fun but when enough is enough he wanders off in search of another adventure. How cute is that! via

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Little Boy Deals With a Serious Cat ‘Situation’!

A young boy whose name is Ryder, who lives in Iowa, USA, tries very hard to keep five little kittens on a blanket near to where his parents are sitting. As you can imagine, he quickly loses control of the ‘situation’, however, is very good at retrieving the kittens. However, …

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Cat Rescued From Cold Brings A Surprise For Kind Her Saviors!

This beauty is Belle the cat who became a stray after her owners relocated for an unknown reason! “She was a companion until her human moved and sadly left without her,” LAPS Foster Kittens stated. “Being a trusting and affectionate girl from the day we brought her home, we believe …

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Tiny Kitten Purring While Getting Ready to Nap!

This little kitten is just sooo tired and needs to take a nap. However, she just simply refuses to go to sleep. It seems she just isn’t ready to stop playing with her adoring human. Wait until you see how cute this kitty is! via

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Lovely Mama Cat Talking To Her Tiny Kittens!

Nothing is better than the feeling of seeing a very sweet mama cat taking care of her tiny kittens. In the sweet video clip below from KittenKanal, you will witness a very precious moment of Miyu the cat and her adorable fluff balls were filmed by her human while she …

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