The Craziest Kittens Ever!

These precious wee ones might just be craziest foster kittens we have ever had the pleasure of seeing! Their playful, energetic antics make them terribly irresistible! Their caretaker stated: “Out of all the kittens we’ve fostered over the years, I can’t recall a crazier lot than these four! They came …

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Real Friends: One Dinner For Two!

Caring is most definitely sharing. The baby in this adorable clip is about to settle in for a nice snack. We believe he may just be a little crazy cat person in training, especially when he decides to share his yummies with the family cat. Watch how adorable! Video Source

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Tiny Kitten Uses Cute Marshmallow Paws to Battle Dog!

There’s nothing that quite beats the feeling of watching two adorable animals from different species playing and bonding with each other! In the adorable clip below, you will see Beatrix the Bernese Mountain Dog and Midge the cat having one of the cutest boxing matches we have ever see – …

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