“A Stray Cat Wanted Me to See Her Kittens”!

A stray cat managed to befriend a human who had been caring for her. One day, the cat invited him to follow her and took him to meet three of her very special new arrivals. “Mama cat brought her three cute children (to me) and all of them went to …

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Silly Cat Takes a Seat – Right On Another Cat’s Head!

Cats are renown for their ability to be comfortable just about anywhere. In tiny boxes, in sinks. in Bodega refrigerators, and the list goes on and on! This top cat in this video clip spots something of interest out the window and then proceeds to stands over its buddy to …

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Blind Kitty Living on The Streets Hiding in The Garbage

Pookie the kitten was completely alone, walking around without any sense of direction. He would hide under cars and under garbage containers. He would sniff and look around trying to make sense of it all but not being able to see anything! Without being able to see anything! He was …

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WATCH: Abandoned, Newborn Kitten Meets the Family Dog

Meet Molly! Molly is a one-year-old Pitbull mix who has a lovely temperament. One day Molly’s owner found a newborn kitten that had been abandoned and she decided to bring the tiny kitty home to raise her on his own. In this adorable clip, you will see them meeting for …

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