Rodent With No Fear Cuddles Up Next To Kitten!

Here is a little something you may have seen before, but you certainly don’t see every day! While most cats love to hunt rodents, the adorable kitty in this video seems more content to cuddle up to one! How sweet is this? Video Source

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Feisty Cat Won’t Let Anyone Into HIS Kitchen!

This cat most certainly wants to be the only cook in his humans’ kitchen! Perhaps kitty’s channeling Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen? Or perhaps – dare we say it – Paula Deen? Whatever his reasons may be, this feisty kitty is truly one protective and territorial little critter. Just watch in …

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Cat Gives Great Dane A Whole Lot Of Lovin’!

Cats are usually portrayed as – can say, less than loving pets. So, just in case you needed a reminder of how cute and cuddly kitties can actually be, we present – Jack the Cat Masseuse! Jack noticed that his dogged Great Dane friend, Bella, was feeling a bit down …

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Hero Firemen Bring Lifeless Cat Out of Burning Building and …

UNITED KINGDOM – Breathtaking footage of firefighters battling to save a cat that was rescued from a burning building is being released for the first time. Sammy, who is a ginger cat, was rescued by fire crews after a blaze broke out Delfshaven neighbourhood of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. The …

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This Woman Sneezes and Her Cat Doctor Runs To Help!

Bailey the cat doctor always seems to be right on point to help whenever he thinks his human isn’t feeling well. Whenever he hears his human let out a sneeze, just watch what he brings to her! What a thoughtful, loving fur-baby! via

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