“Look, Human! I Can Swim”!

Not all cats like to get wet. However, there are often exceptions. The cute kitty in this short clip clearly loves the water and seems to be having himself one heck of a time splashing around! Check him out! Video Source

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Watch This Cat Meet 50 Dogs At a Dog Show!

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this cat go nose to nose with 50 different dogs at a dog show! And the reaction of the dogs is nothing short of priceless. This Bengal’s name is Boomer and his human, who has been an animal trainer for more than …

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Conversations We Have With Our Cats!

There are a large number of cat people out there who not only love their fur-babies, but they also talk to them – A LOT. I talk to my cats all day long and although they cannot respond with words, the expressions on their faces, as well as their body …

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Could This Cat Be The Best Alarm Clock Ever?

Meet Boo the cat! It seems Boo has a terrible habit of playing with the door stop to wake up his humans extremely early in the morning. Apparently, though, he doesn’t do it because he wants to eat. Instead, he does it when he’s feeling lonely! Boo’s human writes: “When …

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Cat Steals Marijuana and Then – Brings it to Police!

A police officer in Oregon claims that his pet cat has brought him hundreds of stolen objects. These ‘lifted’ items include everything from an extensive toy horse collection to a bag of marijuana. Just what the world needs right now – POLICE CATS! Video Source

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