This Kitty Truly Loves to Hug! – VIDEO

Some cats really love to give hugs, and some cats turn their noses up at getting this close to anyone, especially strangers, or even visitors. But this particular white kitty is the best and cutest cat huggers we’ve seen in a long time. This cute wee one makes no secret …

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Ragamuffin Kittens Reunited With Mama After Illness – VIDEO

Ragamuffin, whether you believe it or not, is an officially recognized cat breed. They’re a class of ragdoll, which, yes, is also a real thing. Both breeds have similar siamese-like colorings, but are somehow a lot fluffier. Their fur is almost like a rabbit’s coat, and these breeds are known …

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Cats Only Love Real Men – VIDEO

It’s certainly true that real men love cats but we all know there is more to the story than that. When a kitty chooses a cat daddy, it’s only because he or she completely trusts and loves the man. In order for any cat to feel comfortable in the company …

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Cats Who Believe They Are Dogs – VIDEO

Could your cat actually be a dog disguised as a cat? The video below has several simple (and adorable) signs that will certainly alert you if your feline friend is having an identity crisis. How many of these doggie habits does YOUR cat have? Source

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Sphynx Cats Taking Over the Whole Bed! – VIDEO

Sphynx Cats are one of those rare breeds of cats which don’t have too many hairs or fur on their body. Though almost completely hairless, they are still ridiculously cute! Just like any other cats, Sphynx cats are also very “classy,” if not, overly classy. Cats just seem to have …

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