Kitten Sneaks In Through Open Window, Decides To Adopt The Man Who Lives There


Recently, Imgur user Nigeltown shared an image of an unusual guest sitting in his favorite chair as he got home from work. He didn’t expect anyone back home, so you can imagine his surprise when he saw a cat chilling in his chair. The cat was feeling completely at home, and she didn’t mind him at all.

“I came home from work, and there was a fluffy little thing in my chair which probably got through an open window. I’ve never owned a cat,” he wrote. The cat started meowing, so Nigeltown decided to give it some food. And he got it right, as the kittie went straight for the bowl of meat.

His new houseguest was probably a stray as he didn’t have a collar on his neck. No one in his neighborhood reported a missing cat, and no one saw a kitten litter anywhere around. However, the kitten was not happy when Nigeltown got out to search for his owner.

The next day, Nigeltown got the cat to a vet, and no chip was found beneath his skin. He was full of parasites and fleas, though, so he was put on an appropriate therapy.

Once the cat was free of parasites, he and his new human really hit it off. He says that the cat is running around like crazy, and when it’s not, he’s sitting on his human’s head – here’s proof of it:

Before attaching himself to the funny cat, Nigeltown swept his neighborhood for owners once more, but no one was missing a cat.

No one recognized the kitten, so Nigeltown adopted it. He named it Buddy, and claims that the cat is the one who adopted him, not the other way around.