Owner Throws Cat Out Because of a New Couch!

Tiger Tim, the sweet cat you can see in the pictures below, was recently brought to a shelter for the strangest reason you can think of. Apparently, his owner got a new couch and decided to take the 3-month old kitty to the shelter!

Owner Throws Cat Out Because of a New Couch! 1

As soon as the couch was in the house, the cat was on its way out. When the staff heard the reason for dumping Tiger Tim, they weren’t sure if the man was kidding. He was dead serious – the beautiful cat had to leave his home because of a new couch.

At first, Timmy was sad and refused to eat. He wasn’t aggressive, but he just couldn’t handle everything. He was confused and obviously heartbroken that he was replaced by a couch. The staff tried their best to feed Tiger Tim, but it wasn’t to be for a few days.

Owner Throws Cat Out Because of a New Couch! 2

Fortunately, they didn’t abandon him like his owner. They got Timmy back up in shape and found him a great foster home where he went back to his beautiful self.

Unfortunately, Tiger Tim got cancer a couple of years later, dying peacefully in his foster mother’s arms. Rest in peace, Timmy – you didn’t deserve this.

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