Crying Girl Gets Comforted by the Sweetest Cat Ever!

Every cat person has been in a situation at some time or another where someone has told them that cats are completely cold-blooded and don’t care about their owners at all.

Thanks to the adorable cat in the clip below comforting a crying girl, we have another proof that (contrary to popular belief) cats can be very sweet creatures. Hima is an absolutely gorgeous Russian Blue cat from Japan. What we have seen from Hima so far on the internet has warmed up the heats of a lot of people and not only cat lovers.

The video you are about to see clearly shows us the cute little crying girl after she hurt her foot on a chair. Her cat Hima simply couldn’t just lie around and do nothing. She absolutely needed to step in and help her little human in any way she can.

The video has gone viral and truly gives hope to every cat owner that their cat actually does care about them.