Hero Rescues Cat and Four Kittens Dumped in Zipped “Holdall Bag”.

UNITED KINGDOM – Luckily for these animals, they avoided an almost certain death when a passer-by spotted the bag on the side of a road on his way to work around a two weeks ago.

The man, who is known only as Martin, took them home, fed them and looked after them before handing them over to Angus Cat Rescue where they’re now thriving.

The charity is praising Martin’s efforts, which ensured the animals’ survival.

Luckily the animals are alive and well after their ordeal.

Luckily the animals are alive and well after their ordeal.

Animal rescue worker Linda Quinn stated: “The kittens and the mum are with a foster family and will be there for around four weeks.

“They will need to be chipped, wormed, neutered and socialised before we put them up for new homes.

“The important thing is that they’re safe.

“The kittens were around a month old when the guy found them and would definitely have died if they’d been left in the holdall for longer.

“Thankfully this kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time, but it still happens often enough to be a concern.

“People dump animals outside vets and charities a lot, but at least if they do that they can be found quickly and looked after.

“If they’re left in the street they face too many dangers.”

Another animal lover, Angela Smith from Angus Cat Rescue, went on to explain that the charity heard about the kittens when the man who found them put up a post on Facebook.

The mum is safe in a foster home.

The mum is safe in a foster home.

She stated: “He was getting a lot of stick on Facebook, because he put up a message saying “kittens free to a good home”, not realising the dangers of doing that.

“There are people who get kittens for free and then sell them to profit, or they end up in bad homes.

“But the guy was doing his best, he took the kittens in and looked after them, which saved their lives and he deserves praise.”