Mattress Company Makes Beds With A Special Compartment For Your Pet!

Your bed is probably one of the most sacred of places, right? Everyone has a different type of relationship with their bed, but one thing most of us can agree on – most of us hate leaving our bed in the morning. Why should we when it’s so damn comfy?

If you have pets, you either let them sleep in the bed with you or they’re not allowed to be on the the bed at all. If you don’t want them on the bed, that is your choice! It can be quite a pain washing the sheets constantly because of their fur or whatever they dragged in.


However, if you do let them sleep with you, you can try this incredible new hack for cleaning your mattress!

For those of you who love your pets and would like them to sleep in your bed, but have been saying no all this time, well, you’re in for a real treat!

A mattress company has recently created special beds with a compartment designed specifically just for your pet!


Colchão Inteligente Bento Gonçalves is the Brazilian mattress company who is behind this genius pet-friendly bed!

These special pet beds have a removable box inside the base of the bed where the pet can sleep. You can even give your pet his or her own little curtain!

The company’s CEO, Filipe Machado, explains that customers can order the bed with whatever size box they want for their pets.


The bigger the compartment, of course, the bigger your bed will need to be.

The first bed was made all the way back in 2013, after a customer requested a special bed for her dog who had some health issues.

Buyers don’t have to worry about the special pet bed getting too dirty, as they can remove the box and simply clean it with a cloth!

This bed is just the perfect solution for pet owners who want their pets to sleep with them, but either don’t want them hogging the entire bed or making a mess in the bed.

So, what are YOUR thoughts about this novel idea?