Pancake the Kitten Truly Loves His Doberman!

Pancake is a very special kitten who was sadly abandoned at the tender age of three weeks old. He was just left in a hot parking lot in Phoenix, Arizona!

He was extremely lucky to be found and rescued by some kind-hearted people before it was just too late.

His caregiver wrote, “I fostered Pancake, bringing him to my home a week later. He instantly developed a close and loving bond with my two-year-old Doberman Pinscher, Sugar Tree. The two become fast friends and inseparable. Growing very attached to Pancake and not wanting to separate them, I adopted him and he became a permanent member of the family. It’s wonderful having them; whether they’re cuddling in bed or gently playing, it’s hard not to smile with them around”.

Source: camelsandfriends

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