Police Officers Take Pity on Arrested Woman’s Cat and Well, They Put it in Jail!

HONG KONG – A cat has apparently been “jailed” at a Hong Kong police station for about a week after its owner was arrested, leaving it bereft and without a carer. Fur real.

Oriental Daily reported that Western District police officers arrested a woman for an unspecified crime just last week. When it turned out that no one could look after her kitty for her, the cat was whiskered away into the custody of police.


The court reportedly refused to arrange any shelter for the cat, as it has no relevance to its owner’s criminal case, while the SPCA and AFCD also refused to accept it in as the cat still has an owner.

According to the Pounds Ordinance, any animal found “at large” which appears to be lost, or doing some kind of damage, or without a carer may be seized by and impounded “in any convenient place” by police until its owner has managed to pay the relevant expenses.


As a result, the feline felon has been detained in a cell over at Aberdeen police station for the past week, where officers are looking after the cat 24-hour shifts.

Apparently, some officers even took pity on the lonely cat and brought it treats, meow-sical toys and a scratching box.

With police seeming to take such a shine to their new companion, we were hoping the kitty could become a kind of honorary officer – a member of the fuzz, of course.

However, the cat is reportedly being taken in by the Society of Abandoned Animals today, since its owner signed a form consenting to the transfer.