UPDATE: Cat Who Caught Train to Himself is Reunited with Family

ENGLAND – A cat who had gone missing for two weeks has been reunited with his family – thanks to an article in the News.

Brave kitty “Sid” puzzled commuters when he hopped on the 7.23am from Cambridge to Ely on Friday.

Owner Saskia Baillie with cat Sid

Owner Saskia Baillie with cat Sid

He was looked after by a cat-loving traveller, train station staff, and also the Cathedral Veterinary Surgery in Ely – who put out a call for his owners in the News on Saturday.

Sid had been missing from his home in Romsey, Cambridge for a total of two weeks.

Owner Saskia Baillie, who is a 14-year-old student at Parkside Community College in Cambridge, stated: “You don’t want to think that you’re never going to see him again, but part of you does think that.

“I kind of always knew he had been doing something funny.”

She found out where Sid has been when her older brother Cameron showed her an article which appeared in the News when she got home from a day out on Saturday. The family called the vets and consequently, headed over to Ely.

“It was quite funny at first,” stated Saskia. “And then on the way there I was like: ‘What’s actually happening?’ It was so strange.”

The Ely vets had been many receiving calls from well-wishers all day asking if Sid’s family had been found – including from one man who said he was happy to adopt the cat.

However, when the Baillie family turned up with plenty of pictures of themselves and Sid, it was clear they were his rightful owners.

Cathy Owen, who is a student vet nurse at the surgery, said: “He was very, very pleased to see them and their cuddles were returned.”

One of the reasons it took the family so long to be reunited with Sid was that he was never microchipped – so they had it done there and then in Ely.

Although microchipping is now mandatory for dogs, it is not yet for cats. Cathy explained that this story was a reminder to cat owners of the importance of having it done.

She stated: “Luckily in this situation, it was the publicity that managed to get them reunited, but there have been occasions where that’s not been the case.

“Microchipping helps everyone, it really, really does.”

Sid, who was originally a rescue cat who has been with the Baillie family for 10 years, is now back home in Cambridge.

“He sat on our laps all night and we got him lots of treats,” said Saskia.

She states she has been telling all her friends about Sid’s moment in the media spotlight.

She concluded: “It’s really funny. Quite a lot of my friends don’t believe it until I say: ‘Go look up ‘cat gets on train to Ely’.'”

The train was parked overnight in the Coldham’s Lane area of Cambridge, and it’s thought Sid may have scrambled aboard then.