Woman Spent 14 Months Gaining the Trust of a Homeless And Then, One Day …

This is a story of patience and dedication! This is the bittersweet story of Blondie!

Blondie was first spotted living among the brambles of a dead end street, near a department store. From a distance, she looked like a beautiful lion.

Many stray animals are literally discarded pets who have lost their homes and faith in humans. It should also be mentioned that life on the streets isn’t easy for animals. These cats have to find shade and shelter wherever they are able.

This one woman decided she was going to win Blondie’s trust if it was the last thing she ever did!

This cat was actually very shy and she was showing all of the telltale signs of having had a difficult life.

Eventually, the cat became curious and began to come out of the woods and get closer to her admirer, who also brought food!

It wasn’t much longer before she was getting quite comfy, coming out just spending time with this patient lady.

Finally, she let the woman stroke her! It took this woman 14 months to establish this level of trust.

Up close, it became quite obvious that this poor gal was in need of some veterinary care. It’s possible she may have never seen a vet in her entire life!

Once she was successfully trapped, she seemed to think the woman had betrayed her trust with this scary metal cage.

Before long, however, she relaxed while they waited to see the vet.

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending. It turns out that Blondie was suffering from a terrible disease called feline peritonitis. Despite all of the vet’s very best efforts, there was nothing else to do. Blondie crossed over the rainbow bridge just a few days after she finally made it to her new home.

“Sometimes an act of kindness can save a life. At other times it can only make what is left of a life better. Rest in peace, Blondie”.

Photo credits: Imgur │ Via: www.onegreenplanet.org

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