The 13 Awful And Amazing Things Only Cat Lovers Will Understand!

Cat owners surely understand both the good and slightly less good sides of sharing a home with a kitty friend.

Just below you will find all the pros and cons cat owners deal with in their daily lives.

See how many you can agree with!

1. Most Meals Include One Secret Ingredient: Cat Hair

2. Alarm Clocks Will Never Be Needed Again

3. House Plants Are Merely A Thing Of The Past

4. Scratch Scars Always Bring Back Fond Memories

5. You Laptop Becomes Their Seat Warmer

6. A Phone Is Only For Filling With Photos Of Them Just Sleeping

7. Holding Your Bladder Is Mandatory So You Don’t Disturb Them

8. Christmas Trees Can Never Have Ornaments Ever Again

9. They Are Sure To Bring You Some Pretty Disgusting “Presents”

10. Clean Laundry Always Contains Cat Hair

11. Long-Lost Belongings Will Be Found When Moving Furniture

12. There Is A Very Easy Excuse For Leaving Anything Early

13. There’s Nothing Better On Earth Quite Like The Sound Of Your Cat’s Purr