Tiny Robot Guards Your Counter-tops Against Your Cats

Do you have a difficult time keeping your cats off your kitchen counters? Well, up until now, there has been no proven solution to this issue.

Cats have been roaming on our counter tops ever since humans allowed them into their homes thousands of years ago.

A new solution has arrived and it’s called the CatNani robot!

This amazing little robot is here to protect our counter-tops from the never-ending invasion of kitty kind.

Its sensors allow it to navigate the edges of the counter-tops and to avoid any obstacles (plates, plants, etc). the CatNani has one mission and one mission only: to shoo cats away.

The CatNani uses two tactics which are an ultrasonic warning and a harmless spray.

CatNani robot gif

The CatNani is still currently in developmental stages, however, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have these little robots patrolling our counters?

Watch the video just below!

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