15 Cats Who Bring ‘Cattitude’ To A Whole New Level!

Cats are truly complicated animals. They can be friendly, comforting and sweet, however, they can also total jerks.

Unlike canines who are usually happy-go-lucky 24/7, cats can switch-up on us on a dime. One minute they could be cuddling with us on the sofa and in the next minute they’re knocking stuff off your table!

Animal behavior experts and many cat owners refer to this “cattitude”!

While it’s quite normal for cats to be rude, if your pet is wrecking your home, that can be a bit more serious. A grumpy pet may be a sign of boredom because animals often take all heir pent-up energy and channel into troublesome actions.

We all enjoy our pet’s antics when their “bad” behavior seems just silly, but if things get more serious it may become important to find out why.

All that being stated, science has proven that our cats are weird, so perhaps there really is no explaining some of their behaviors.

Just take a glance at these 15 examples of “cattitude”. Some of these are just – hilarious!

1. “Yes, you caught me, but I don’t give a damn.”

2. “Oh, were you weren’t planning to use this?”

3. You’re no one until you’ve been rejected by your cat!

4. “Go ahead, human! Kiss it! Worship that kitty butt”!

5. “Oh, that’s fine, we’ll just share”!

6. If cats were able to tuck themselves in, this would definitely happen

7. In case you’re not totally convinced that our cats simply don’t care, just look at this video!

8. Okay, maybe that’s just a little rude!

9. “You see dog? Now, THIS is fair! Now we each have 1 bed.”

10. At least this one looks a bit regretful…

11. The cat doesn’t even pay rent and now he’s drinking his human’s beer?

12. Now kids, if you can’t play nice, then you’re both going into a time-out

13. “Gee, this new toy is just loads of fun!”

14. The two things cats love most: Boxes and being jerks

15. Loving a pet is very easy, but getting them to love you back, well … LOL!

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