UNA Students Want “Srat Cat” to Stay on Campus!

ALABAMA – Some University of North Alabama students want nothing more than to keep their beloved feline friend to stay on campus, but the university says he could be a health concern.

Srat cat or Sorority cat has been hanging out around the Appleby Dorms (sorority dorms) for about a year, according to students.

“I love that cat. I love it,” stated UNA student, Danielle Deese, who lives in Appleby East Dorms.


Deese went on to explain that Srat Cat greets her and other students on a regular basis, but sometimes he is a little lazy.

“Usually when I walk up he’s asleep,” stated Deese. “He’s a very cuddly cat, he’s very sweet.”

UNA has a total of four sororities. Alpha Gamma Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Mu, and Alpha Delta Pi. Many sorority girls live in the Appleby Dorms and have, it seems, all come together to help Srat Cat.

“All the sororities come to him,” explained Anna Thompson, who lives at the Appleby Dorms. “Friends will come out here and love on him and pet him. Everyone loves him.”


UNA officials claim they have some concerns with Srat Cat.

“He could have fleas, someone could be allergic,” stated UNA Spokesperson, Bryan Rachal. “What were trying to do is find a way to safely move the cat off campus hopefully into a home.”

You can usually find Srat cat just kind of laying around the bushes of the dorms. It’s still a mystery if he actually has an owner, who might live in one of the neighborhoods adjacent to the dorms.

“He has a home whether it’s laying in the pine straw or the surrounding neighborhood,” stated Thompson.

Either way, these young ladies want Srat cat to stay around.

“This is his home,” stated Appleby resident and UNA student, Laura Hutchings.

Hutchings is just about six hours away from home and noted that she sometimes gets homesick but Srat cat is always there to brighten her day.

“We all care for him and he’s brought comfort to us,” stated Hutchings.

Srat Cat is currently roaming the dorms and neighborhoods nearby to the campus. The students say they want to find a forever home for him in the event he doesn’t have an owner.

A group has started a social media campaign to let people know about Srat cat’s journey and share stories about him. You can look up #SaveDormKitty on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook to look at what students are saying about their beloved kitty friend!