15 Gorgeous Photos That Prove Cats And Dogs Actually Make The Best Of Friends

When two individuals somehow just don’t get along at all, we sometimes say that they “fight like cats and dogs.” It’s one of those expressions which is deeply rooted in conventional wisdom: most people truly believe that felines and canines just don’t like each other.

Still, it’s about time to try and put that tired old stereotype to bed, once and for all.

The adorable photographs below suggest that not only do dogs and cats get along, but they oftentimes make the best friends ever!

1. Nothing says “best buds” like a nice quiet day at the beach!



2. These adorable fluff balls could almost pass for twins!



3. Face hugs are the best way to show that you care.



4. Caught red-handed…being adorable together!



5. This precious pair looks pooped!



6. “Bring it in…it’s hug time!”



7. It’s almost like these two have practiced their perfect pose!