Runty of a Kitty Found by Bushes Could Hardly Move Now Thriving!

This little runt of a kitty could hardly move when she was found with her siblings. No one would take them, but a young woman refused to give up on them!

This is Alice the kitten!

Alice was noticed by bushes along with her siblings. Their mother was gone and was never to return.

Tawnie Rashelle Edwards shares the story with the people at Love Meow: “I kept hearing this strange sound and I was convinced that it was an injured bird or something. So, I looked around and about 5 feet away there were 3 little kittens that couldn’t be more than a couple weeks old!”

“Without hesitation I scooped them up! My dad and I called about 5 or 6 rescue places but every single one was over capacity! After being disappointed that no one would take them I decided I would care for them myself! I had never done anything like that before and was extremely nervous…”

“Alice, was the runt and very very weak and hardly moved, the first day I had her she wouldn’t eat a thing. (I was told they were big enough to eat wet food) but Alice’s brother and sister pushed her away and would always eat all of her food.”

“We came up with a solution to bottle feed her and she took to that right away! I was over joyed that she was finally eating!!!!”

That was the turning point for this wee one. Alice began to thrive!

“A couple days after that my mom’s best friend mentioned to me that her cat was still lactating from a litter she had a month or so ago… She offered to lend her mama cat to my baby kitties and it’s exactly what Alice needed!

She got so strong in only a matter of days!”

“About 4 days after I saved them I rehomed her brother and sister because they were big enough; but I just couldn’t part with Alice. All those late nights of bottle feeding and getting up throughout the night to check on her had brought us so close!”

“She always purrs so loudly when she sees me and follows me around like a puppy! She loves to sleep on my shoulder and cuddle under my chin!

My heart was too good to just walk away! I certainly was NOT gonna let Alice give up!”

Alice was not about to give up either and although she is getting stronger every day!

Photos by Tawnie Rashelle Edwards