20+ Of The Oldest Kitty Cats Adopted By People With Some Of The Biggest Hearts

Adopting a shelter kitty is more than likely one of the most wonderful acts of kindness that a person can do for an animal, however, older cats, who may not be as adorable to most as young and playful kittens, are too often overlooked. Hopefully, the gallery below will show you just how awesome older cats can be and inspire you to adopt one of your very own!

Older cats are oftentimes the very first to go if a shelter has to euthanize some of its animals, so your impact on your new elderly adoptee’s life will truly be so much greater.

Though they are more likely to suffer from more diseases than young cats, older cats are often already house-trained and socialized, and their own unique personalities will already be in place with no surprises!

#1 This cat adopted this 102-year-old woman

#2 A Friend Of Mine Just Adopted This 6-Year-Old Cat, And This Is How She Waits For Her Food

#3 Fulfilled A Life Goal Of Mine Today And Adopted The Oldest Cat At The Local Shelter

#4 Adopted At 10 Years Old, Meet Lil’ T

#5 I Adopted A 14 Year Old Cat Named Venture

#6 I Adopted My 9 Year Old From The Shelter Last Year. She Hasn’t Left My Side Since

#7 Zeta Is About 15 Years Old Now And I Adopted Her 5 Years Ago From The Vet Clinic I Worked At

#8 My So And I Adopted A 10+ Year Old Cat Who Used To Live In The Park

#9 I Adopted A 4 Year Old Cat. She Hated All The Toys Except One

#10 Adopted An 8-Year-Old Cat From Local Rescue, This Is 10 Minutes After We Got Home

#11 I Adopted This Beautiful 13 Year Old Cat. Her Name Is Q-tip For Now But We Are Trying To Think Of A New Name

#12 This White Cat In The Middle Was About 19 Years Old. He Was Adopted By An Older Woman

#13 I Just Adopted This 9 Year Old Girl From The Shelter. Her Name Is Pumpkin

#14 I Recently Adopted My Parents 15 Year Old Cat

#15 Just Adopted My First Cat. He Is 11 Years Old

#16 We Adopted A 7 Year Old Cat. Meet Ethan

#17 Adopted This 7 Year Old Cat This Morning

#18 We Adopted An 8 Year Old Cat From The Shelter Because He Stole Our Hearts With His Cuddles

#19 Meet Floyd. This 6 Year Old Looker Was At The Shelter For Months

#20 I Adopted An 11-Year-Old Cat Yesterday

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