Cat Hit By Train Used All His Willpower To Crawl To A House To Ask For Help!

Cats are truly brave creatures, they are determined and they don’t give up easily and they do make miracles happen! Tuck’s injuries and his missing patches of fur certainly tell an incredible story. This little fighter has truly been through hell and back, and he’s survived.

Tuck was more than likely abandoned while he was a kitten and he lived as a stray. Tuck was rescued after being hit by a train, which sadly, completely severed his tail and one of his back legs. This poor kitty used all his willpower to crawl from the side of the tracks to the house across the road. It was there that a nice lady called RSPCA NSW for some help and put a basket over his body. They arrived as fast as they could and and took him to a vet hospital. With the vet’s best efforts Tuck survived. His back leg and tail couldn’t be saved but he is alive because of the people who helped him.

“As you can imagine, he was in a terrible way by the time he arrived at our vet hospital. Had it not been for the tireless efforts of our vets, nurses and shelter staff, Tuck wouldn’t be with us today.” his rescuers stated on Facebook.

Tuck is a true fighter and after a long road he recovered. The only thing that he was truly missing was a real home.

“It’s been a long road to recovery, but Tuck is finally ready to find his forever home. He has such a kind nature and will make a wonderful companion to anyone who would consider a special cat like him.” his rescuers went on to write.

It didn’t take long at all for one person to fall completely in love with Tuck.

Tuck was adopted and he is now the happiest kitty in the world!

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