Abandoned And Covered In Ants, This Kitten Needed A Miracle To Survive


Earlier this year, a tiny one-month old kitten was found on the streets of North South Wales, Australia, wandering alone. The kitty was almost starved to death, being too weak to stand on its own.

Ants were crawling and biting his skin and it could barely keep his eyes open. The kitten would have undoubtedly died if it wasn’t for the action of one kind man. Without thinking twice, he immediately took the kitten home, gave it a bath and fed him nicely. The man named the kitten Gaius, and worried about his condition, he brought it to a local shelter.

The doctors there were shocked by Gaius’ condition. The kitty was seriously malnourished – he weighed only half a pound! It probably lost his mother since birth and was wondering the streets alone without much-needed help.

Of course, the staff fed Gaius and kept him warm. Day by day, Gaius was getting stronger, raising his own weight by 25% after only one night! The poor soul was obviously hungry and the staff had plenty of food to spare.

In only 4 days, Gaius raised his weight enough to stand and move on his own and was far more energetic than before.

Now, he’s still a bit fragile, but his condition is greatly improved. Gaius is doing well and once he’s strong enough, he will be put up for adoption. He looks pretty cute and we’re sure it won’t be long before he finds a home.