24 Funny Photos That Prove Cats Are Just As Petty As Humans

1. Cats actually think you ‘blessed’ by their presence.

2. And if you dare try to abandon a cat, you will be punished.

3. They are most certainly not afraid of physical punishment.

4. They have many and various weapons at their every disposal.

5. They are not dumb in the least, they plan their attacks carefully.

6. Some of them are a bit more powerful than others.

7. They simply will not accept less than a nice full bowl of kibble.

8. Cats seem to know just how to target their enemies.

9. They can actually be mean in quite subtle, cunning ways.

10. And creative in their evilness, even in those times you think they are showing you love.

11. Cats prioritize their own comfort over just about anything and everything else.

12. And they will often complete seemingly pointless tasks just to inflict slight annoyance on humans.

13. They are usually greedy as heck!

14. And they certainly do hatch extremely cunning plans.

15. They may act a bit ignorant and dim-witted, but they know exactly what they’re doing.

16. Plus, their moves are very calculated and very precise.

17. They can also plan ahead for several days.

18. And they can wait for just the right time before delivering their punishment for that time you moved a bit when they were sitting on your lap.

19. They simply don’t care about other’s feelings!

20. And are completely blind to all of the negative consequences of their actions.

21. They surely can think of plans that reach a level of petty you never dreamed possible.

22. It’s actually impossible to understand the logic behind their thoughtless actions.

23. They will continually conjure up of new ways to torment us.

24. We suppose a cat wrote this?

via: www.buzzfeed.com