He Wasn’t Too Crazy About Cats Until He Met Sophie the Deaf Stray Cat

This man was not much of a cat guy. That is, until he met Sophie, a deaf cat. When he found her she was behind a dumpster, needing a home.

“She is deaf but is quite smart. I think she’s converted me,” he said via reddit.

Sophie was spotted hanging out behind a dumpster. She was much smaller than she was supposed to be at her age. It didn’t take long for the guy who found her realized that Sophie wasn’t able to hear.

“She does not react to any noise whatsoever. When she’s sleeping or awake. It’s pretty noticeable,” he said.

But that doesn’t bother this beautiful little white cat with blue eyes. She is a very intelligent cat and can do anything other cats do. Little Sophie has completely stolen her human’s heart.


“I already love her,” he said.

“She seams really sweet. I took her to the vet because she was really bony and not gaining weight so suspected worms. I got her some medicine. I hope she recovers. I also have her on some high calorie food. She only weighs 1.4 pounds and she’s 6 weeks old,” he added.

“(Her deafness) actually makes me like her more for some reason? Maybe I just feel she needs someone.”

You don’t need to hear someone say “I love you.” When somebody loves you, you just know it!

Source: lovemeow.com