34 Memes You Will Only Understand If Your Cat Is In Charge Hilarious

Ah, the life of a cat owner—or should we say, the servant of a cat? It’s common knowledge that cats think of themselves as the real rulers of the household. If your cat has you wrapped around their paw, you’ll no doubt find a sense of camaraderie in memes that capture this universal experience. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most relatable memes that you’ll understand only if your cat is the one truly in charge.

“If I Fits, I Sits” – The Sovereign’s Throne

You’ve just bought a new armchair, and before you’ve even had the chance to take a seat, your cat has claimed it as their throne. The meme “If I Fits, I Sits” encapsulates the feline belief that every piece of furniture in the house is their personal domain. The absurdity is perfectly captured in memes showing cats squeezing into tiny boxes, drawers, or sinks—all of which are, according to them, perfectly viable sitting options.

The 4 A.M. Wake-Up Call—For Your Benefit, Of Course

If you’re startled awake at 4 a.m. by the sound of your cat knocking over a vase or dashing around the house, you’re not alone. Memes about this feline-induced insomnia portray cats as these mischievous nocturnal creatures who believe it’s their sacred duty to ensure you never oversleep—by keeping you up all night.

“Feed Me, Human” – The Never-ending Cycle

Memes about cats being perpetually hungry resonate deeply with anyone whose cat is in command. You’ll see images of cats pawing at empty bowls, dramatically sprawled out near their food station, or relentlessly meowing. The humor lies in the irony: the more you feed them, the more they act like they’ve never been fed in their lives.

“The Bathroom Escort” – A Sign of Royal Favor

The meme world doesn’t shy away from highlighting how cats love to follow their owners to the bathroom. Images of cats sitting on the bathroom sink or trying to paw their way through a closed door while you’re inside are all too relatable. In the meme universe, this behavior is often comically interpreted as your cat granting you the privilege of their esteemed company—whether you like it or not.

The Belly Trap—A Test of Your Loyalty

It’s a classic setup: your cat exposes their belly, inviting you to give it a gentle rub. But beware—it’s a trap! Memes about this treacherous test of loyalty depict cats flipping from adorable to attack mode in a split second. If you fall for it, well, you’ve only reaffirmed who’s really in charge.

via: www.buzzfeed.com