5-week Old Tiny Black Kitten Rescued from Phoenix Sewer

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Crews worked for a total of three days to pull a kitten from a manhole in north Phoenix on Monday.

The kitten, now named Tera, is resting and recuperating at the Arizona Humane Society after Emergency Animal Medical Technician Kelley Mallon pulled her from the drain.

Over the course of the three days, crews lowered food to the kitten and watched it on a snake cam. The City of Phoenix also assisted by giving the AHS access to the manhole.

Tera will be up for adoption within the next three weeks or so. Those who may be interested can call (602) 997-7586. There’s expected to be a rather high interest in adopting Tera, but AHS reminds everyone that kitten season is here and that many kittens need foster homes and forever homes.

If you are look into fostering kittens, please go to: azhumane.org/foster.

Photo credits: The Arizona Humane Society