Stray Cat Gave Birth In This Man’s House!

A cat person in Athens, Greece was quite surprised to find a cat (who he had been feeding), leave the most precious of surprises on his couch!

“The cat came into my place secretly a few times the last couple of weeks, while I was asleep or away and had forgotten to close the window.

‘I’d see little marks here and there and guessed she was looking for food and warmth. I once caught her chilling in a corner of the couch and she ran out the window as soon as she saw me,” Giorgos Cheliotis explained.


He fed the kitty, but she still managed to keep her distance.

Just one week ago she jumped in while he was there, and took a nap in the corner of his couch. He left the window open, thinking she would leave on her own once he was gone.


“When I came back, she was still there. I was tired, so went to sleep and the next morning I woke up to find her still on the same spot! Curious, I went to check why she hadn’t moved all those hours, and found her with three kittens!”

This kind-hearted man is now fostering the cat and kittens until they find their forever home.