6-week-old Puppies Meeting A Patient Cat For The First Time

Finn just so happens to be a very patient cat. In this particular situation, it’s actually necessary, because these pups are all over him! He doesn’t appear to mind it though – according to The Nest, if he was really upset, he’d surely be hissing, smacking his tail, or attacking them.

He seems to be patiently lets them sniff and nibble and paw at him without getting upset at all.

What a very good boy!

According to The Dodo, it’s their natural initial behavior which usually causes any problems. Dogs instinctively want to run up and greet, while cats want to lay back and assess the situation. By running up to a cat like that, the dog can be seen as aggressive, which will put the cat on the defensive.

Luckily for these pups, Finn lets the pups do their thing and doesn’t get upset.

Be sure to watch the video below – it’s chock-full-of so many aww moments that we couldn’t possibly list them all.


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