7 Things You Should Never Do to Your Cat!

Well, let’s just get right to the list, shall we?

1.) Do not skip flea treatments!


Many cat lovers have a feline friend who stays indoors all of the time and so, with that in mind, why might it still be necessary for you to bother with flea treatment? The answer, of course, is quite clear and simple. You yourself could bring a tick into the house on the bottom of your shoe after you’ve been out for a walk. Fleas can get into your home easily.

2.) Don’t let your cat be outside unsupervised!


If you’re going to allow your cat out then it’s a good idea to keep a very close eye on it. Many cat owners put their cats out and let it fend for itself, which it is quite capable of doing. Not all people love cats. The great outdoors is also filled with other types of predators. The reasons to keep pets indoors is endless!

3.) Always let your kitties have access to fresh air but be cautious!


You’re probably thinking it’s a good idea to keep the windows open for the cat when you are out. But think about it; cats are naturally curious, and birds fly. If a bird goes past the second-storey window, your cat may plummet – even if there’s is a fly screen. While fresh air is important, always make sure your windows have strong fly screens!

4.) Never put off vet visits!


It may be easy to understand why some people put off paying a visit to the vet. Money may be tight. Sometimes an ailment or an infection will not make itself apparent, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Your cat can’t tell you what’s wrong, but a vet can. Periodic visits are a must – whether or not money is tight. Sacrifice!

5.) Don’t ignore hair!


Assisting your cat in a bit of grooming can tremendously reduce the amount of hair they end up ingesting.

6.) Never use aggression with your cat in anger!


As we already mentioned, cats are curious. They might even be a little annoying on occasion, but it’s never good to respond with physical aggression. Always handle your cat with respect and never give your pet any reasons to resent or fear you.

7.) Never smoke around your pets!


This goes without saying. Smoking isn’t good for anyone and especially for our children and our pets. If you can’t fight the urge to light up – do it outside!

So, how many of these 7 do YOU agree with?