8 Hungry Kittens Discovered Cuddling Each Other For Warmth

SOUTH AFRICA – Not having a meal for more than 24 hours, these eight orphaned kittens were found in a garden huddling together for warmth in South Africa.

They were only three days old and they couldn’t fend for themselves without proper care.

The Kitten Cottage personnel in Malmesbury, Western Cape managed to rescue and take care of them.

The kittens required bottle-feeding by the group, who went to locate their mother but to no avail.

With time, the kittens grew up healthily under their care, finally opening their eyes for the first time!

Of course, when they got a bit older, they started to ask for their milk!

What a sweetheart! We’re sure she’s not hungry anymore!

All of the kittens are now able to walk and eat independently without any help.

For the time being, the kittens are living together in their foster home with lots of love and warmth!

All of them are now awaiting their forever homes!

Photo credits: Jo-Marié / The Kitten Cottage │ h/t: www.relayhero.com