Kind-hearted Cat Becomes The Foster Mom of 8 Baby Hedgehogs Who Lost Their Parents!

These 8 baby hedgehogs sadly lost their mother in an accident and were left on their own. Luckily, though, some humans found them and brought them to the Russian Seaside zoo in Vladivostok.

The staff-members at the zoo were trying their best to take care of the orphaned hedgehogs. Unfortunately they simply couldn’t bottle-feed them round the clock. For some reason the little babies simply refused eating from bottles or syringes.

This was precisely when a lovely kitty Musya stepped in and helped with nursing the hedgehogs. In the end, her new foster babies got an amazing mommy who was prepared to feed them every two hours. Musya didn’t only provide food for the baby hedgehogs. She also gave them a lot of affection and took care of them during the night.

If she never did step in to help out, there was no way that these hoglets would have survived.

Now, they are all growing up and when they are ready, will be released in the wild!

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