8-Year-Old Girl Falls for Blind Cat Online, Their Meeting Is Love at First Sight

Even before Britta Bergeson first met Justice the cat personally, she knew she loved her.

The 8-year-old discovered the blind kitty on the Arizona Humane Society‘s website and she just knew in her heart that the cat would one day be hers.

According to the shelter, the young girl was so absolutely smitten, she drew pictures of the cat in her home — including a picture below, announcing “I love you” — and proceeded to beg and plead with of her family to go to the shelter and adopt the cat.

A happy home, after all, was just what beautiful Justice deserved. The cat arrived at the AHS blind, and her eyes were removed by its medical team to prevent infection and make the cat more comfortable. Something about this cutie clearly spoke out to the child, and, at some point, her family was convinced.

On March 23rd “the Bergeson family came in and right away asked to see Justice,” states adoptions supervisor Vanessa Crues, who was there on that very day. “The family’s grandpa, aunts, and cousins were all there to witness the adoption and support the little girl.”

The moment Britta saw Justice, it was waterworks, Crues explains.

“She started crying and it was an instant love connection,” she remembers. “Justice just melted in her lap and was so calm with her new friend. The family was very emotional. Love connections like these are what make this job so rewarding, especially for a cat like Justice who really needed to find a great home!”

The pair’s instant connection even helped another kitty in the shelter find a home. The shelter says the girl’s aunt and cousins were so truly and completely moved by Justice’s connection with Britta, that they adopted a cat of their own that day.

Photo credits: ARIZONA HUMANE SOCIETY │ H/T: people.com