17 Festive Cats that Like Totally Love Christmas!

Having a tree inside your home is a cat’s dream come true.

We’ve all seen our furry friends perched up in an evergreen filled with lights and all dressed in ornaments. Sometimes, we’re shown the aftermath of a cat Christmas gone totally wrong with a tree spread across the living room floor and a guilty-looking cat in the foreground.

However, we’ve never really asked our felines how they feel about the magical holiday. Until now, that is!

1. “Deez lights is warm is my mouf.”

2. “Well, this is some bullshet.”

3. “I knew you’d be back, my precious.”

4. “Da heck is dis?”

5. “Damn Pinterest.”

6. “A phony tree. Really”!?

7. “No tree is more powerful than I am.”

8. “Oh, how I love Christmas.”