Accused Cat Killer in Oregon Going on Trial Next Week …


SALEM, OREGON. — An accused cat killer is set to go on trial late next week in Salem, and many animal lovers want to make sure he gets the maximum penalty.

The suspect, Ted Dodenhoff, stands accused of torturing a cat and leaving it to die.

Literally thousands of people have signed an online petition saying they want justice to be served.

At the very end of this article you will find a link to the petition for YOU to sign!

Dodenhoff faces felony counts of first-degree animal abuse, aggravated animal abuse, animal neglect and also theft.

“I thought it was just a heart-wrenching story about what happened to this cat,” a woman who calls herself “Jalinda” told KATU.

As of just Friday evening, the self-described animal lover had gathered nearly 8,000 signatures with her online petition.

She said that she too frightened of Dodenhoff to show her face and use her real name.

“Frankly, I don’t want him to know who I am because I’m afraid that he will try to retaliate,” Jalinda said. “I don’t want him showing up and trying to harm my cats.”

Jalinda launched a Facebook page after seeing reports about the cat’s death last summer. The link to Titan’s page is also at the end of this article!

Those reports included some very shocking accusations from police against Dodenhoff.

“He trapped him and he was in a trap for up to a week,” said Jalinda. “This cat was left outside in the heat and the sun for one week with nothing. The cat died a horrible, terrible death of dehydration, starvation and sun exposure.”

Jalinda wants as many people to show up for the start of Dodenhoff’s trial on Wednesday as she can get.

“These kinds of crimes – they need to not go unpunished,” she said.


To get his side, a KATU crew went to Dodenhoff’s listed address and knocked on his door but no one answered.

A few minutes later a KATU reporter saw a woman on the front porch who said Dodenhoff was at work before walking inside and closing the door behind her.

Titan’s owners nearby were not home either, but Jalinda said they’re heartbroken.

“This was a much-loved family pet that was allowed to go outside that went missing,” she said. “We want people to know that animals’ lives do matter.”

KATU also tried calling and Facebook messaging Dodenhoff but he never responded.

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