Cat Survives Weeks Trapped in Burnt Home

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Nicole Korth lost two of her beloved cats in a devastating fire back on May 5th. Three weeks later someone spotted her cat Elise, who had been trapped inside the home. Now the animal has been re-united with her owner with no serious injuries.

It’s unknown just how many lives Elise used in the process, but went a total of three weeks without direct access to food and water. Korth believes the cat could have survived on the water left over from firefighters putting out the blaze.Even though Nicole’s dog survived she was still emotional for a time after the fire, once she realized both her cats were gone.”I made a joke where I was like I’m a cat lady with no cats and I laughed for a second, and then I just started crying because I miss my cats,” stated KorthThat’s why she was overjoyed when a neighbor spotted the cat in one of the front windows.”So I haul over here and I can see her little face in the front window,” stated Korth


A restoration worker tried to help retrieve the cat and that was no easy task because she lived up to her nickname of “scaredy cat.” They put out some food and water, but it took another week and a cat trap to finally get her back.

” She was very sooty, and she was meowing a lot, and just panicked,” stated Korth.

Other than some weight loss her owner explained she was fine after giving her a bath. Nicole said having her pet back has been a big help in getting through the loss caused by the fire.

“The last month there hasn’t been a lot of positive so discover she was still alive that was a huge,” stated Korth. “I mean I’ve been doing better.”