Animal Rescue Says Man “Burned Cat with Boiling Water to Teach it a Lesson!

TEXAS – A Central Texas animal-rescue group us saying a cat suffered burns after the man who adopted it scalded it with boiling water to teach it a lesson.

The Animal Welfare Society of Bandera County, which is located northwest of San Antonio, posted on Facebook that a cat named KitKat had been taken to San Antonio Animal Care Services with a large third-degree burn on his leg and side.

The cat’s owner was bitten by the cat and responded by boiling water and throwing it on him, the rescue group said.

Sandy Bowman, who is the group’s director, told the San Antonio Express-News that four people had seen 21-year-old Joseph Lupardus scald the cat and that Lupardus did admit the act to authorities.

Bowman explained that Animal Care Services was pursuing an animal-cruelty charge against Lupardus.

An ACS spokeswoman by the name of Lisa Norwood, said she could not discuss details of the case but said KitKat had not significantly injured Lupardus.

Bowman, who told the Express-News that she cut a vacation short to help care for KitKat, stated that Lupardus’ mother had accused her of exaggerating the situation.

A woman who appeared to be Lupardus’ mother commented several times on the rescue group’s Facebook posts, saying that facts had been twisted and that the cat simply wasn’t suitable for adoption.

She also said she would pursue legal action over what she called libel and “cyber harassment.”

Bowman stated this wasn’t a personal attack against Lupardus.

“We aren’t trying to lambaste this young man,” she stated. “But he needs help.”

KitKat was adopted by a new family on Tuesday evening.