Kitten Performs Magic Trick ‘Changing’ From a White Cat to a Black One! – VIDEO!

UNITED KINGDOM – Why settle for playing with a ball of string when you can do… magic?

That’s exactly what the white kitten in this video must have thought.

And sure enough, here it is performing an amazing ‘magic trick’ which sees it turn into an older black cat after ripping down a set of curtains.

Mischievous little Leo, who is just 11 weeks old, leapt off his owner’s bed and clung on to the curtains before tearing them off the wall to reveal a bigger feline – two-year-old Raven.

The hilarious exchange was caught on camera by 22-year-old Charlotte Riley, who lives with both of the pets in Burnley, Lancashire.

A confused Leo holds on to the material of the curtain for a couple of seconds before the rails give way and collapse to the floor, revealing unsuspecting Raven, who was sitting unseen on the windowsill.

Because the two cats never appear in shot at the same time together, it is as if the duo perform their own magic trick – much to the amusement of Ms. Riley, a customer service assistant.

She stated: ‘It was like a magic trick. When Leo disappeared downwards, up popped Raven. A complete transformation.

‘They were having a bit of a game in the bedroom and I always take some videos of them when they’re messing around.

‘I could see Leo was about to make a jump for it off the bed but I’m not sure what his plan was. I think Leo was wondering what the shadow was behind the curtain.

‘After he pounced, he was clinging on for dear life, but I couldn’t have predicted what happened next.

‘The whole thing came off the wall and landed in a heap on the floor. Raven looked like she jumped off the radiator and up onto the windowsill because she was startled.

‘I thought it was hilarious and let out a little snigger but obviously I wanted to check if Leo was OK, which is why the video stopped.’

Ms. Riley said the pair had been getting on quite well since Leo joined them in her flat a couple of months ago.

However, Leo’s disappearing act isn’t the first time he’s been up to no good around the house.

Ms. Riley also said: ‘Leo is definitely a bit madder. They’ve been getting on pretty well with each other but Leo does start the odd scrap.

‘Raven more or less keeps herself to herself but I think because Leo is younger and has a bit more energy, he causes a bit more mischief.

‘It was like a magician building up to a big reveal and then the curtain came down. I showed the video to my mates and they all loved it.

‘The cats have a lot of fans. Maybe they’re playing up to the camera now.’