Black Cat Discovered Under Seat on Ottawa-Vancouver Flight

Passengers who happened to be aboard Air Canada flight 189 were just getting ready to disembark in Vancouver earlier this week when a flight attendant came walking down the aisle, asking an unusual question:

“Has anyone seen a cat?”

In an interview with CTV News Channel, a passenger by the name of Kath Thompson said the unusual question received an even stranger response.

“The gentleman next to me says, ‘Oh, I’ve seen a cat.’ And we all look at him and he explains, ‘The cat is here at my feet.’”

Turns out, the furry fugitive did indeed belong to a couple on the plane who had brought their two cats in pet carriers. Lo and behold, one of the cats had escaped at some point during the flight and was roaming the cabin, according to Thompson.

“The runaway cat took off down to the back of the flight where we were and found a little home under seat 31-E,” she stated.

A flight attendant literally had to crawl under the seat and pick up the curled-up cat, who “went quietly,” Thompson stated. “Anyone who’s ever tried to pick up a cornered cat knows they can be a little feisty but not this one.”

However, what really surprised Thompson was the seemingly nonchalant response from her seatmate.

“His kids were sitting behind him and they said, ‘Oh how did you know there was a cat?’

And he responded, ‘Oh, I felt something on my ankle”.

“I would have been up in the rack above the seat if that had happened to me,” Thompson stated.

Thompson snapped a photo of the cat in the arms of the flight attendant, who said it was the very first runaway cat on a plane in her 30-year career.

So, just what was Thompson thinking the moment she saw the black feline?

“I’m glad I’m not superstitious.”