Cat Goes Missing, Turns Up 200 Miles From Home

It’s the curious case of a kitty that turned up in Lancashire, more than 200 miles from its home.

1Millie the cat completely shocked the staff at Stanley House Vets when her microchip revealed she’d traveled from Swindon over a period of 6 months.

Liz Edmondson Day is the Practice Manager at Stanley House vets which is located in Colne:

“A client brought a cat in to us that they’d found straying in Bradford. They brought it here to see if she was microchipped. When we chipped her, we contacted the company and it turned out the owners actually lived in Swindon – that’s 208 miles away.

“We just can’t believe it. You don’t expect a cat to travel so far. We have no idea how she’s got here but cats are very inquisitive so she may have jumped in to the back of a van. The owners hadn’t seen her since November 2016. She’s obviously had a massive adventure but nobody knows where she’s been or what she’s been up to all this time.”

2Millie’s now been successfully been reunited with her owner Angie and Liz says they have the microchip to thank:

“Her owners were absolutely delighted to see her – they couldn’t believe it. They really had given up on her so when they got the call and found out she was so far away they were amazed.

“If she wasn’t microchipped it would be a totally different story. She’d either still be here looking for a home or she would have gone to a cat rescue; but it certainly wouldn’t have been such a happy ending.

“There’s no legal requirement to have your cat microchipped but it is a really good idea – it’s only £12.50 and it can make the difference between getting your cat back or never seeing them again.”